Events & Administration Department


Tommaso Salvatore is the elected President of the society, and thus presides over the society’s day-to-day operations, leads the events department responsible for undergraduate and postgraduate opportunities, and represents our society in interactions with external parties.


Lorenzo Estero is the society’s Events Officer which means that, among other things, he is mainly responsible for planning and organising in-person and online social events. He should also aim to collaborate with other law societies members of the Interlaw Council, external ADR societies, and the Social Events teams of the Law and Business Society and European Law Students’ Association.


Nicholas Ene is the society’s PR Officer. His main responsibilities include closely working with the President and Director of Events to organise academic events and researching and proposing potential partnerships to commercial law firms, arbitrators, mediators and arbitral tribunals. However, he is also in charge of organising court committee visits, or similar events, to increase their knowledge of ADR and supporting the President with miscellaneous tasks regarding events organisation.


Elisabetta Zauberman is the ADR society’s Director of Events and aims to plan and organise in-person and online events, to conduct research together with the President on potential speakers, and to contact and liaise with presenters and attendees. Other responsibilities include closely working with the Social Media & Marketing department to ensure early on promotion and responsibility synchronisation and agreeing with the Treasurer on events budgets.