Negotiations & Business Content Department


Andra Tofan is the President of the Committee, is responsible for devising the long-term strategy of the society, and for advising the President and Vice-President. She leads the internal negotiations department & business content team. Andra is the Winner of the Queen Mary Annual Commercial Negotiations Competition 2018/19, and Vice-President & Treasurer of the ADR Society 2019/20.


Evangelia Kyrkousi is the Co-Host of the ADR Podcast Series. Therefore, she works closely with the President of the Committee to finalise the vision for the ADR Podcast Series, deals with the technical aspects of designing and hosting the podcast, and works closely with the Social Media & Marketing department.


Apurva Biradar is the Student Engagement & Feedback Officer. Her main responsibilities include creating, distributing and analysing feedback forms for all events and competitions, developing creative ways to receive feedback from society members outside official events and competitions, and strategically developing, proposing and implementing policies based on received feedback.


Vidhi Mago is the society’s Welfare Representative and is responsible for ensuring the safety of our society’s members and promoting a culture of inclusivity and support within the society, as well as for fostering a culture of wellbeing by supporting and promoting Students’ Union campaigns and promoting a culture of accessibility and inclusivity within events, communications, the Queen Mary Annual Commercial Negotiations Competition and any other activities.