Overview: There are many great Negotiation Training companies, some very accomplished Negotiation Coaches and some inspirational Negotiation Gurus but the truth is that no matter how many books we read, how many videos we watch and no matter how many great training courses we attended; we cannot improve without practice!

Out of this fundamental need The Negotiation Club was born, a place where anyone can regularly meet to practice their negotiation skills, practice in a safe environment, where mistakes are welcome, where lessons are learnt and where we can enjoy becoming better negotiators.  Negotiations can be complex … but they don’t need to be hard, which is why the The Negotiation Club introduces us to unique methods and resources that allow us to develop our own styles at our own pace.

Partnership with the QMUL ADR Society: The Negotiation Club is one of our society’s partners for the Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner x Queen Mary Annual Commercial Negotiations Competition 2020/21. The Negotiation Club will offer 8 hours of negotiation workshops, exclusively dedicated to the eight semi-finalists of the competition, incentivise them to step outside their comfort zone, learn through feedback and reflection, and experience negotiations from a different angle.
All competition participants have the benefit of £10 discount to all TNC student training sessions from October until the end of March 2021. For the promo code, please approach the organisers of the Competition by sending an email or getting in touch on our social media pages.